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  • Tour below Basel

    • We bring light into the dark unknown.
    • With a guided tour of the Birsig, you will experience a piece of the city's history. The Birsig - formerly a supplier of energy and a sewer system - has been gradually covered in recent centuries.
    • Today, the city stream is hardly noticed anymore, although it clearly helped to shape the current shape of the city.
    • After your visit, you can mentally make the connection between the upper and lower world of Basel.
  • Läckerli Huus

    • Experience an adventure in the “World of Indulgence” exhibition. Alex, the baker’s boy, takes you along an enticing voyage of discovery.
    • You will learn some fascinating facts about the history of the Läckerli Huus.
    • Sample the tasty treats while your glance goes through the window to alight in the bakery, the heart of the Läckerli Huus. This is where the Basler Läckerli are baked.
    • Videos provide information on the production processes.
  • Swiss Shrimps

    • Do you want to know how shrimps in Switzerland are raised?
    • You will be shown how post larvae are turned into harvestable shrimp in the aquaculture
    • The farm visit is a journey of discovery into the world of shrimps:
      • Exciting exhibition where you will learn interesting
        facts about shrimp and different
        production methods.
      • Entertaining presentation about the history of SwissShrimp (around 45 minutes)
      • Visit to the tanks and short tour (around 15 minutes)
      • After the tour you will receive a small gift.
  • The Riburg Saltworks

    • The Riburg Saltworks has been in operation since 1848 and can produce up to 50 tons of salt an hour. It is here that we ensure Switzerland has a sufficient supply of de-icing salt.
    • The Riburg Saltworks is specialised in the production of loose salt and is home to the biggest evaporator in Europe. On this guided tour, you will gain an insight into our operations and discover how we extract, store and deliver our salt.