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IEEE International Network Generations Optics Roadmap, 1st Edition

Details are subject to change.

  • Organisers

    Dan Kilper, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    Jun Shan Wey, 
    Verizon, USA

  • Day & Time

    20.09.2022, 13:00 – 15:15

  • Location

    Room Delhi

  • Description

    As networks achieve increasing performance and scale, they push the boundaries of technology and face greater challenges to continued evolution. The IEEE International Network Generation Roadmap (INGR) is part of the IEEE Future Networks Initiative and was formed to roadmap wireless networks out to a 10 year horizon. Recently, the INGR was expanded to include optical networks. This symposium will present the first edition of the INGR Optics Roadmap, which include x-haul networks, high speed access and indoor networks, and AI in optical networks, among other areas.  This symposium will highlighting key elements of the roadmap and look toward potential new areas in which to develop roadmaps. The broader optical networks community is invited to learn about and comment on the roadmap at this event.

  • Programme

    13:00: Introduction and Overview of the INGR 2022 Edition, Dan Kilper, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    13:15: Xhaul Optical, Transport and Synchronization Architectures, Reza Vaez-Ghaemi, Viavi, USA
    13:30: In-building Networks, Volker JungnickelFraunhofer HHI, Germany
    13:45: High Speed Optical Access Networks, Hwan Seok ChungETRI, Korea
    14:00: Future Roadmap Directions, Jun Shan WeyVerizon, USA
    14:10: Evolution of Undersea Systems, Lara GarrettTE Subcom, USA
    14:25:Towards Scalable and Dynamic Quantum Networks: Opportunity and Challenge, Rui Wang, University of Bristol, UK
    14:40: Panel Discussion