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Recent Advances in Submarine Systems

Details are subject to change.

  • Organisers

    Hidenori Takahashi, KDDI Research, Inc., Japan
    Lara Garrett, SubCom, USA

  • Day & Time

    20.09.2022, 15:45 – 19:00

  • Location

    Room Singapore

  • Description

    Recent Advances in Submarine Systems: Submarine systems are evolving rapidly, with steadily increasing data capacity and fiber pair counts, and increasing levels of network connectivity complexity. These systems also provide important opportunities for the introduction of new technologies, because each new system is entirely new, without limitation from existing infrastructure. This symposium will invite key stakeholders to provide their view on the most important areas of technology evolution.

  • Programme

    Session 1 (90 min)
     15:45: Introduction
     15:50: Innovations in 2Africa submarine cable network, Herve Fevrier, Meta, USA
     16:05Open Innovation in Japan for next generation submarine networks, Yoshihisa Inada, NEC, Japan
     16:20Fiber at a crossroads: Which path do we take?, Sergejs Makovejs, Corning, UK
     16:35Submarine Fiber Sensing and Monitoring using Coherent Transceiver Technologies, Mikael Mazur, Nokia, USA
     16:50Flexibility of Undersea Systems Architecture and Design, Dmitriy Kovsh, SubCom, USA
     17:05: Discussion

    Break (10 min)

    Session 2 (90 min)
     17:30: Scaling Out Submarine Networks, Valey Kamalov, Google, USA
     17:45Automatic Optimization of Spectral Efficiency, Kim Roberts, Ciena, Canada
     18:00Subsea MCF Advances, Masaaki Hirano, Sumitomo, Japan
     18:15Innovation for Last Generation and Flexible Subsea Backhaul, Olivier Courtois, ASN, France
     18:30Fiber options for support of 1 to 5 Peta bit subsea cables, Hans Damsgaard, OFS, Denmark
     18:45: Discussion

  • Speakers

    Speaker 1: Herve Fevrier, Meta, USA
    Title: Innovations in 2Africa submarine cable network
     Dr Herve Fevrier is Global Optical Network Architect at Meta Platforms Inc.. Herve is responsible for EMEA wet plant engineering at Meta. He has been the Technical Lead for 3 open cables which are now live. He is now the Technical Lead of the 2Africa project, which will be the largest subsea cable system (>45,000km, >40 landing stations) ever built and is under construction. Beyond cable projects, Herve is involved into subsea new technologies (cables, powering, high fiber count,…).

    Speaker 2: Yoshihisa Inada, NEC, Japan
    Title: Open Innovation in Japan for next generation submarine networks
     Yoshihisa Inada received his Master Degree from Osaka University in the field of long-haul optical fiber communications. Then, he joined the industry of submarine telecommunications where he has accumulated more than 20 years of experience. He is currently the Head of Technology R&D and Product Development at the Submarine Network Division in NEC, Japan. He has made significant contributions in the field of ultra-long haul coherent communications, including: 10G, 100G, 400G and 800G+ submarine transponders, cable and repeater monitoring and more recently, large capacity Space-Division Multiplexing with multi-core fiber. 

    Speaker 3: Sergejs Makovejs, Corning, UK
    Title: Fiber at a crossroads: Which path do we take?
     Sergejs Makovejs is a Senior Commercial Technology Associate at Corning with global strategic responsibility for development direction of long-haul and submarine fibers. He received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University College London, UK in 2011 and an Executive MBA from Warwick Business School, UK in 2019. He has authored and co-authored >60 peer-reviewed papers in the field of optical fiber communications.

    Speaker 4: Mikael Mazur, Nokia, USA
    Title: Submarine Fiber Sensing and Monitoring using Coherent Transceiver Technologies
     Mikael Mazur received his PhD from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden in 2019. In his dissertation he studied optical frequency combs in optical communications, focusing on signal processing schemes enabled by the comb coherence. In Jan 2020 he joined Bell Labs, NJ, as a member of technical staff in the advanced photonics research department. At Bell Labs, he develops subsystems and techniques for space division multiplexing in coupled-core and multi-mode optical fibers, investigates multi-mode arbitrary waveform synthesis and develops real-time signal processing techniques for optical transmission and fiber sensing systems. He is a member of IEEE and OPTICA.

    Speaker 5: Dmitriy Kovsh, SubCom, USA
    Title: Flexibility of Undersea Systems Architecture and Design
     Dmitriy Kovsh received his PhD in Optics from CREOL, School of Optics, University of Central Florida. At SubCom R&D, Dmitriy has been a lead developer of simulation software tools to optimize undersea systems, studying technologies ranging from 10G direct detection and dispersion managed point-to-point links to modern 400G coherent transponders and dynamically reconfigurable undersea networks. Dmitriy later moved to manage Wet-Plant Design as Director of the Transmission Design Group. Dmitriy is currently Senior Director of System Design and Product Management within the Customer Solution Organization of SubCom. His responsibilities include development of novel technical solutions for SubCom customers and management of the SubCom product portfolio.

    Speaker 6: Valey Kamalov, Google, USA
    Title: Scaling Out Submarine Networks

    Speaker 7: Kim Roberts, Ciena, Canada
    Title: Automatic Optimization of Spectral Efficiency
     Kim Roberts has been a major force in the field of digital signal processing for optical transmission in developing the first coherent 40, 100, 400, and 800 Gb/s optical systems. Today Kim is Vice President at Ciena, leading an R&D team focused on pushing the optical boundaries even further with WaveLogic-6. Kim is a passionate evangelist of new optical technologies and holds more than 190 patents with many more pending. Kim was named an IEEE Fellow, a Nortel Fellow, and in 2008 the Outstanding Engineer by IEEE Canada. Kim is the 2019 recipient of the Tyndall Award.

    Speaker 8: Masaaki Hirano, Sumitomo, Japan
    Title: Subsea MCF Advances
    Mr. Masaaki Hirano has been engaged in the research, engineering, and market development of various optical fibers including ultralow loss fibers, highly nonlinear fibers, dispersion sifted fibers for 25 years at Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd, Japan. Today, he serves as product manager for submarine and terrestrial long-haul ultralow loss fibers. He received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemistry from Keio University, Japan, in 1995 and 1997, respectively.

    Speaker 9: Olivier Courtois, ASN, France
    Title: Innovation for last generation and flexible subsea backhaul
     Olivier Courtois is presently director of product strategy, management and marketing and director of Subsea upgrades sales for Alcatel Submarine Network within Nokia. He was born in Paris in 1970. He graduated from French engineering school “Ecole supérieure d’optique” in 1995 where he specialized in Optics. In 1998, he joined Alcatel-Lucent and led system design activities for WDM product development from 10 to 100Gbs/s & ILA/ROADM technologies during almost 10 years. He joined the subsea division in 2007 as product line manager for transoceanic systems. He is working on telecom solutions to introduce more fiber pairs, pump farming, aluminium conductor cable, ROADM, probabilistic constellation shaping, water filling X00G/1T, gridless POP to POP and SDM solution. In 2021, he recently took the lead of subsea upgrade sales. He published ~15 patents in Europe and US on WDM, presented different papers for international conferences and is Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS)

    Speaker 10: Hans Damsgaard, OFS, Denmark
    Title: Fiber options for support of 1 to 5 Peta bit subsea cables
     Hans Damsgaard is an expert in optical fiber development at OFS, where he focusses on specialty fiber including ocean fibers. Hans holds his Industrial Ph.D. from the Technical University of Denmark and has worked in the area of advanced optical fiber technology for high capacity data transmission at NKT, AT&T, Lucent, and OFS. Hans was involved in the first slope matched ocean systems, first ULA ocean systems, and lately in low loss PSC fibers with different effective areas. Now his focus is next gen fiber to support MULTI Petabit cables.