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Postdeadline Papers

Joint Postdeadline Session I (Th3B)

Characterization of the First Field-Deployed 15-Mode Fiber Cable for High Density Space-Division Multiplexing (Th3B.1)
Presenter: Georg Rademacher, National Inst of Information & Comm Tech, Japan

Thermally Stable Silicon-Organic Hybrid (SOH) Mach-Zehnder Modulator for 140 GBd PAM4 Transmission With Sub-1 v Drive Signals (Th3B.2)
Presenter: Carsten Eschenbaum, Karlsruhe Inst Tech (KIT), Germany

Cryogenic Operation of a Silicon-Organic Hybrid (SOH) Modulator at 50 Gbit/s and 4 K Ambient Temperature (Th3B.3)
Presenter: Adrian Schwarzenberger, Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie, Germany

Low-Loss Plasmonically Enhanced Graphene-Organic Hybrid Phase Modulator With >270 GHz Modulation Bandwidth (Th3B.4)
Presenter: Xinzhi Zhang, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich, Switzerland

>500 GHz Bandwidth Graphene Photodetector Enabling Highest-Capacity Plasmonic-to-Plasmonic Links (Th3B.5)
Presenter: Stefan Koepfli, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich, Switzerland

Transmission of Net 200 Gbps/λ Over 40 km of SMF Using an Integrated SiP Phase-Diverse Receiver (Th3B.6)
Presenter: Yixiang Hu, McGill University, Canada

Joint Postdeadline Session II (Th3C)

Over 2-Tb/s Net Bitrate Single-Carrier Transmission Based on >130-GHz-Bandwidth InP-DHBT Baseband Amplifier Module (Th3C.1)
Presenter: Masanori Nakamura, NTT Network Innovation Laboratories, Japan

First 260-GBd Single-Carrier Coherent Transmission Over 100 km Distance Based on Novel Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Thin-Film Lithium Niobate I/Q Modulator (Th3C.2)
Presenter: Haik Mardoyan, Nokia Bell Labs, France

1.53 Peta-bit/s C-Band Transmission in a 55-Mode Fiber (Th3C.3)
Presenter: Georg Rademacher, National Inst of Information & Comm Tech, Japan

200.5 Tb/s Transmission With S+C+L Amplification Covering 150 nm Bandwidth Over 2×100 km PSCF Spans (Th3C.4)
Presenter: Xiaohui Zhao, Huawei Technologies France SAS, France

Demonstration of a Spatial Super Channel Switching SDM Network Node on a Field Deployed 15-Mode Fiber Network (Th3C.5)
Presenter: Ruben Luis, National Inst of Information & Comm Tech, Japan

4-Dimensional Quantum Key Distribution Protocol Over 52-km Deployed Multicore Fibre (Th3C.6)
Presenter: Davide Bacco, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Denmark

Joint Postdeadline Session III (Th3A)

First Demonstration of a 100 Gbit/s PAM-4 Linear Burst-Mode Transimpedance Amplifier for Upstream Flexible PON (Th3A.1)
Presenter: Thibaut Gurne, Nokia Bell Labs, Belgium

Polarization Insensitive Self-Homodyne Detection Receiver for 360 Gb/s Data Center Links (Th3A.2)
Presenter: Ruben Luis, NICT, Japan

World's First Demonstration of Real-Time Symmetric Flexible Rate PON With Entropy-Loading and 10G-Class Optics (Th3A.3)
Presenter: Gengchen Liu, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, China

Field Trial of SDN-Controlled Probabilistic Constellation Shaping Supporting Multiple Rates Over a Coupled-Core Multi-Core Fiber (Th3A.4)
Presenter: Nicola Sambo, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy

1λ 10.5Tb/s CPRI-Equivalent Rate 1024-QAM Transmission via Self-Homodyne Digital-Analog Radio-Over-Fiber Architecture (Th3A.5)
Presenter: Yixiao Zhu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Tbit/s Single Channel 53 km Free-Space Optical Transmission -Assessing the Feasibility of Optical GEO-Satellite Feeder Links (Th3A.6)
Presenter: Bertold Ian Bitachon, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Proposal and Demonstration of Free-Space Optical Communication Using Lens-Free Photonic-Crystal Surface-Emitting Laser (Th3A.7)
Presenter: Shota Ishimura, KDDI Research Inc., Japan