Free Space Optics & Space

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  • Organiser

    Reto Muff, Thales Alenia Space, Switzerland

  • Day & Time

    22.09.2022, 08:30 – 12:30

  • Location

    Room Singapore

  • Description

    Freespace Optical Communication (FSO) has become an impressive momentum over the past years. For a long time, FSO applications for space borne systems have been deployed as niche and at significant cost. Global efforts to make reliable use of novel technologies and building blocks developed for non-space applications («COTS») now pay off and the deployment of FSO for a large range of space-based use cases has become reality.

    In parallel to the space domain, FSO has become an alternate to other classical communication means and will further grow in importance helping to overcome bottlenecks in RF arising from the ever-growing capacity needs of mankind.

    This Symposium is intended to give a updated overview on the status on development and deployment of FSO in the various scenario, such as Space based systems, mid and short range FSO in atmosphere but will also address enabling technologies to support specific needs for FSO systems.

  • Programme

    Seamless Connectivity in and to Space via Optical Links, Harald Mathias Hauschildt / Josep Maria Perdigues Armengol, ESA, Netherlands

    Connectivity for Deep Space missions and Exploration via Optical Communication, Klaus Jürgen Schulz / Clemens Heese, ESOC, Germany

    Optical Communication for Space Application – Data Relay, Gregory Mark, TESAT SpaceCom, Germany

    Optical Communication for Space – Space-to-Ground, Cyrille Laborde / Klaus Buchheim, Thales Alenia Space, France / Switzerland

    Terrestrial Free Space Communication, Devin Brinkley, X.Team, USA

    Visible Light Communication, Benjamin Azoulay, OLEDcomm, France

    Ground-space links: key role of adaptive optics and current challenges, Jean-Marc Conan, ONERA, France

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